Story by Margaret Richards, Red Cross volunteer

The American Red Cross has been providing relief for thousands of families affected by flooding and severe weather in Texas since a series of violent storms began on October 23. Communities already damaged during Hurricane Patricia barely had time to recover before being hit once again by tornadoes, heavy rains and flash flooding. The Red Cross has mobilized more than 200 volunteers to provide disaster relief services and help these communities get back on their feet.

Among these volunteers is caseworker Scott McGillicuddy, who hails from right here in the Eastern New York Region. Scott has been working with other Red Cross volunteers near Austin, Texas, one of the places hit the hardest by the storms. During his deployment, Scott has worked directly with families affected by the storms, and helped them on the road to recovery. He shared a unique experience he had in Austin, helping a young, visually impaired woman who came to the Red Cross with her seeing-eye dog and six-year-old daughter in tow, seeking support. Scott escorted them through the resource center where he was working, got them dinner and helped them create a personal recovery plan as they ate. Afterward, he made sure they got back home safely.

“It’s what we do,” Scott said. “Anyone of us would have done it. I just happened to be the one there to help this time.”

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