It’s National Volunteer Week, and we’re giving thanks for Red Cross volunteers across our region! Each one of our more than 2,000 local volunteers has their own unique story, and we just love hearing those stories over and over again.

So much so that we’ve started asking our volunteers to write them down for us, which got us thinking…When our volunteers tell their Red Cross stories, which words do they use the most? 

volunteer word cloud cropBesides the obvious Red and Cross, it’s words like help, community, rewarding, important, and difference.

As in, “I joined the Red Cross because I thought I could be of some help to my community. When I see the faces of those I assist at a fire call, I know I’ve made a difference.”

Or, “It is always rewarding to see diverse and dedicated people coming together to help others and their communities.”

And, “I feel important, I feel like I’m making a difference… I’m part of an organization recognized worldwide. It doesn’t get better than that.”

We’d say it doesn’t get better than having more than 2,000 dedicated, compassionate people writing the Red Cross story every day, not just with their words, but through their actions.

Read more volunteer stories here, and if you’re not a part of the Red Cross in your community yet, join us! If our current volunteers have anything to say about it, your experience is sure to be rewarding and important and will help make a difference in your community!