2016 has been a record year in terms of disasters across the United States. Red Cross workers responded to 180 significant U.S. disasters this year, opened nearly 800 emergency shelters, provided more than 206,000 overnight shelter stays, and served more than 4.1 million meals and snacks.


In the last year, we served more meals and snacks and provided more overnight shelter stays that in the past three calendar years combined. As always, the generous support of the American public has made it possible for us to help where it’s needed most. And your gift this holiday season will help to continue this critical work.

The Red Cross has been busy responding to major disasters, and we’re proud to say that more than 150 volunteers from our region were deployed to support those responses. We’re also proud to highlight to important local work that continues 365 days a year thanks to the generous donors and dedicated volunteers who support the Eastern New York Region.


The numbers say a lot, but it’s the individual people behind each and every service we provide that really mean the most. Your year-end gift will ensure that we can continue to be there to provide support, strength, and hope to people when they need it most. From the family who has lost everything in a disaster, to the hospital patient who needs blood, to the military family facing an emergency – you can truly give something that means something this year with a gift to the American Red Cross.