The holiday season is officially upon us! It’s a time to enjoy family, friends and festivities, and it’s also a time to remember those less fortunate and reach out a hand to help them.

This year, you can give a unique and meaningful gift to help bring hope to those in need. You can give something that means something. Simply visit to select a symbolic gift that will bring comfort to someone during their darkest hours.

In celebration of Giving Tuesday, our staff selected a few of their favorite (and most meaningful) gifts. Follow the links to learn more and give the gift that means the most to you.

California Wildfires 2017

Hot Meals

A gift of $50 could provide 5 meals to give comfort and strength to a family affected by a disaster.

Give the gift of hot meals.

“The gift that I would most like to give this holiday season is the gift of a hot meal. After everything a community goes through during and after a disaster, knowing that the community that’s been affected is well fed gives me the greatest satisfaction.”
-Cortney Shatraw, Disaster Program Manager

“My favorite gift is hot meals. During times of disaster, the last thing I would want to have to think about is where my next meal is coming from, and I know how much of a positive impact a good meal has on my mood and outlook.”
-Lauren Whitman, Sr. Volunteer Recruitment Specialist

“I’m always impressed my mom can put together a holiday meal for our entire family of 24 people and make it look easy.  Lately, I have been thinking of the staggering numbers of folks that have been in Red Cross shelters in 2018 due to disasters.  With almost 200,000 overnight shelter stays, the Red Cross has served more than 3.7 million meals and snacks.  Much like my mom preparing a large meal around the holidays, as a country I think we sometimes take for granted the amount of effort it takes to provide hot meals during disasters.  I am thankful to the Red Cross volunteers and donors who provide those meals to families during their darkest hours.”
-Kevin Coffey, Chief Development Officer

California Wildfires 2017Blankets

A gift of $50 could provide blankets for 10 people, giving them warmth and security when they need it most.

Give the gift of blankets.

“The holiday season is all about being warm, cozy and fuzzy, which is why my favorite gift is the gift of blankets.”
-Jane Gendron, Executive Director

Hurricane Irma 2017

Infant Care

A gift of $150 could provide a crib and care supplies for an infant in an emergency shelter.

Give the gift of infant care.

“It’s hard enough providing care for a newborn baby when you’re not impacted by a disaster, so a gift that help parents care for their infants during emergencies is my favorite one.”
-Holly Colsher, Executive Coordinator

Walter Reed National Military Center 2016

Help for Veterans

A gift of any size helps connect veterans and their families to critical community services.

Give the gift of help for veterans.

“To me, there are few things more important than being there for those who’ve sacrificed so much for our country.”
-Gary Striar, Regional CEO

Hurricane Matthew 2016

Help Where It’s Needed Most

A gift of any size supports the many urgent needs of the American Red Cross and could save the day when the next disaster strikes.

Give help where it’s needed most.

“My favorite gift is the one that’s least tangible — help where it’s needed most. After watching one disaster after another impact communities across the country this year, it means everything to me to know that resources will be there to help the next family that needs the Red Cross, no matter who or where they are.”
-Kimmy Venter, Chief Communications Officer

There are many ways to give this holiday season. As you prepare for joyful celebrations with family and friends, we hope you will also remember those families who will be faced with unanticipated emergencies this year. Every 8 minutes, someone affected by disaster is helped by donations to the American Red Cross. Please visit to choose your favorite symbolic gift and #GiveWithMeaning during this season.