Right now, the American Red Cross needs more blood, platelet and plasma donors to help protect the blood supply from a shortage. Spend a little time this November doing something good for our community by giving and you just might benefit too!

Here are a few of the perks of donating:

Your one donation can help save a life. That’s a pretty big impact for such a simple act! Plus, did you know you can follow your donation as it makes its way to a hospital in the Blood Donor App?

You get a mini-physical when you come to give.

  • The Red Cross will check your pulse, blood pressure and hemoglobin levels. All of these details are tracked in the Blood Donor App too, so you can monitor your results over time.
    • Additionally, ​​​​​​for a limited time, the Red Cross has expanded its blood testing to include sickle cell trait screening on donations from self-identified African American donors.

You’ll score a special thank-you gift when you come to give with the Red Cross in November.

Get a $10 e-gift card to the merchant of your choice when you come to give Nov. 1-22. Get details at rcblood.org/perks.

As a special thank-you for those who help around the Thanksgiving holiday, receive an exclusive Red Cross knit beanie if you come to give Nov. 23-27, while supplies last.

Will you help perk up the blood supply? Schedule your appointment to help save lives now.