Margie Davis and Marian Myron first crossed paths in 1986.  For nearly eight years, they worked together as flight nurses in the New York Air National Guard – an Air Reserve Component of the U.S. Air Force – based out of Schenectady, NY.

As flight nurses, Margie and Marian could be called to serve at any time. “We watched the news to see where we were going next,” Marian explains, “because we were always the first ones in.”

Their job: to take care of patients not on the ground, but in the air. As one example, Margie described caring for injured soldiers aboard military aircraft flying from Saudi Arabia to Germany during the Gulf War. Not an easy job, but certainly an important one.

With a young son at home and 20 years of service under her belt, Margie retired from the Guard in 1993. Marian went on to serve until 2009 – retiring after 34 years of military service. Years later, seeking a new way serve after retirement, both women found the Red Cross. But it would be 25 years before Margie and Marian found each other again.


Flash forward to May 5, 2018:

Red Cross volunteers from every line of service had come together for a massive Sound the Alarm. Save a Life. fire safety event in the Capital Region. Marian Myron had been asked to help with Sound the Alarm logistics in the City of Schenectady. Margie Davis was recruited last minute to help feed Sound the Alarm volunteers in the same location. Each woman showed up for her assigned role, and then…

“I saw her red hair!” Marian said. “And I knew her voice right away,” added Margie. 25 years after Margie’s retirement from the Air National Guard, these two flight nurses were reunited.

Ironically, neither Margie nor Marian was in Schenectady that day to do her normal Red Cross job. Marian is normally out at the scene of a disaster, or on the phone with a local disaster victim, providing assistance and connecting those in need with helpful resources. Margie, meanwhile, keeps busy providing case services and support to local veterans and military families. For months, they had been volunteering side by side, but it was a chance meeting on that Saturday in Schenectady that brought them back together again.

Since their reunion, Margie and Marian have learned a lot more about one another’s roles with the Red Cross. Each will playfully joke with the other about coming over to “her side” of the organization, and it’s clear that they both have a passion to serve.

“I get as much out of it as I give into it,” Marian says. “It’s kind of like a continuation of the Guard – another way to help others.”

Every volunteer brings something special to the table, and Margie and Marian are no exception. Two veteran flight nurses with a combined 54 years of military service and experience now share their time and talents with others through the American Red Cross.

As we watch them interact – reunited after 25 years – we’re truly grateful. Grateful for their service to our country; grateful for their service to our community; and grateful for the connection they share as part of our Red Cross family.