Valentine’s Day-where love and heart meet. This is a statement that Ken and Molly Gray define.

The Grays help define that statement in two ways. Not only do they give of their hearts to the Red Cross weekly as Blood Transportation Specialists, delivering lifesaving blood products to Syracuse area hospitals, but also reinforce the love in their hearts by going out to dinner after their weekly shift for their “date night.” 

Date night is part of a celebration of 46 years of marriage. Not only do they carve out time for giving, but also for each other. The Grays love volunteering as they feel it is a minimal amount of time given with a maximum amount of reward for so many, as well as for themselves. To anyone considering volunteering, Ken says, “You will never regret the choice. The good you feel for helping others in such a crucial time of need is amazing.”  

That amazing feeling has been part of Ken’s life for many years. He began donating blood at the age 18. A heart condition made it impossible to continue.  Volunteering and blood transport kept the love of giving alive for him. Molly shares that commitment and dedication. They cherish their time together and joke how, at their age, they have begun forgetting little things. Their time together keeps them both on their toes as one usually remembers what the other may have forgotten. 

One thing the Grays haven’t forgotten is the joy they share being together. They relish that joy every Friday as together they lend their hearts to transporting blood; and end their day reenforcing their love of being together on date night.  “In such a busy world it’s so nice to know we can be together for a few hours doing both things,” Molly says.

They love each other and love volunteering.

Volunteers are involved in every aspect of the Red Cross mission and constitute well over 90 percent of our workforce! Our vital work is made possible by people just like Ken and Molly who want to make a difference in the community.

As a volunteer in the Eastern New York Region, there are many you that can make an impact with your time and your talents. Visit our website to learn more and to apply.

Written by communications volunteer Bobbie Krukowski